Nantes Railway Station and Airport are pick up and drop off points for campervan & motorhome hire & rental vehicles.

Although it is now the administrative centre of the Pays-de-la-Loire, Nantes was the capital of Brittany for hundreds of years. Nantes, in Western Loire, is a beautiful city that is today a vibrant hub for the creative arts.


Located on the Loire, as the river flows into its estuary, Nantes is filled with a stunning range of architecture from the past and a wealth of surprising, fascinating and unusual works of modern art from the present.


If you are driving then the best ferries for Nantes are from St Malo, Cherbourg, Caen and probably Roscoff.


Nantes Atlantique Airport is an international airport serving Nantes, France. It is located 8 kilometres southwest of the city, in Bouguenais. The airport is operated by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Nantes.

Address: 44346 Bouguenais, France, Code: NTE

Phone: +33 892 56 88 00

Opening Hours:

Monday Open 24 hours

Tuesday Open 24 hours

Wednesday Open 24 hours

Thursday Open 24 hours

Friday Open 24 hours

Saturday Open 24 hours

Sunday Open 24 hours


Nantes Rail Station:

Address: 27 Boulevard Stalingrad, 44000 Nantes, France

Phone:+33 3635

Opening Hours:

Monday 4:30 am ? 12:30 am

Tuesday 4:30 am ? 12:30 am

Wednesday 4:30 am ? 12:30 am

Thursday 4:30 am ? 12:30 am

Friday 4:30 am ? 12:30 am

Saturday 5:30 am ? 12:30 am

Sunday 6:00 am ? 12:30 am