France for campervan & motorhome hire & rental


What a huge country France is, compared to the UK that is, and roughly 2.5 times the size, so if you plan to go exploring you may not want to start near the Channel Ports, but instead my wish to opt to pick up you campervan or motorhome from somewhere nearer to Italy or Spain, just for instance.

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A Frenchman enjoying his campervan holiday


Campervan, motorhome hire &
rental pickup/drop off
points in France
Map of France
Ajaccio (Corsica)
Paris: Charles de Gualle Airport (CDG)
Paris: Orly Airport (ORY)
That is precisely why we have so many campervan and motorhome hire pick up and drop off points through France from Paris to Bordeaux, from Nice to Marseille, from Lille in the far north and Annecy high up on the Eastern side of the country.


There is even one in Corsica in the town of Ajaccio.

Some pickup points are at airports and some are in towns and cities but you will be informed as to their exact location when you book.


We have listed all these motorhome and campervan hire pickup points in the panel and have linked them into their individual pages on this site to make it easier for you to decide where you wish to start your holiday in France.